Newest on Netflix: Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Newest on Netflix: Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Get into the Halloween spirit and grab a bag of candy while you watch this crazy flick! The old version of this film was a cult classic and the remake is just as amazing. With new and colorful features that bring the story to life again, we’re sure you and your friends will love cuddling up and watching Johnny Depp play this crazy chocolatier!

Grab the Candy & Get Ready to Laugh!


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The story is focused around Willie Wonka, the crazy candy man whose life goal is to spread happiness and joy. He develops interesting and delicious candies that do magical things and he becomes incredibly famous. However once the competition becomes too overwhelming and nasty between him and other candy makers, Mr. Wonka closes his doors. Time passes, and we learn about Charlie Bucket and his family. They are very poor but very humble people who appreciate every new day. Charlie has grown up listening to stories about the famous Willie Wonka and his chocolate Factory from his Grandfather who used to work for Mr. Wonka. Then one day the factory opens again, and Mr. Wonka announces that he is having a contest! He has hidden 7 golden tickets within his chocolate bars and the first 7 children to find them are allowed to come and visit his factory.


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This movie is exciting, hysterical, and will definitely warm your heart! Grab your remote, hop on the couch and watch this movie with your friends and family this weekend to see what happens to Charlie Bucket and Mr. Wonka, we know you won’t be disappointed!


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